Keep Growing!


Gardening is an act of Independence, Love, Strength and Cultivation

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I look forward to growing with you!

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Spring is finally in the air. We made it through to the other side....finally!  It's now GROW time. Gardens by Renee is currently planting our spring gardens with assorted lettuces, arugula, snap peas, onions, asian greens, beets, carrots, radish and more. We're scheduling one on one consultations, ordering new growing boxes, and planting, planting, planting. We continue to grow our business by adding services including, a new blog, unique and interactive Garden2Glass™ and Pickling demonstrations for corporate and private events. We continue to learn, grow and connect through our social media communities, our Grow Your Own column in Foodies of New England, and our partnership with The Best Bees Company.

​​Education      Inspiration     cultivation

- Audrey Hepburn

The mission of Gardens by Renee is to connect people to their food, nature and one another.  We do this through Inspiration, Education and Cultivation. We inspire people to Grow through great Design, Social Media and writing. We Educate and teach people how to grow with one on one consulting, Garden2Glass™ events, hands-on workshops, and How2 Videos.  We cultivate with design, build, installation and maintenance of edible landscapes, beehives and pollinator gardens.

At Gardens by Renee, we believe that growing your own food isn't just an act of cultivation but an act of love, strength and independence.  We live by the mantra, "Keep Growing!"

"to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."